Juan Osorio, producer of Televisa´s Mi Corazón Es Tuyo

Televisa: We are closing Mi Corazón Es Tuyo in the Toluca Stadium and starting a theater tour
12 de febrero de 2015

The telenovela Mi Corazón Es Tuyo, which is currently aired at 8:20pm on Televisa's Canal de las Estrellas will come to an end next Sunday March 1st, and its producer Juan Osorio, confirmed that the end will be live from the stadium La Bombonera in Toluca, Mexico, and also that the story will be taken to theater in March and April. With an average of 28 and 29 audience points since its beginning on the TV screen, its producer stated that "many surprises are on their way because we must end with a lot of rating and that is why we want to have a closing with a live event. We will also have a strong presence on social networks and involve other platforms to strengthen our success." Additionally to the live end from the La Bombonera stadium, as well as the live broadcast on TV and the Internet, with exclusive material, Osorio stated that together with the theater producer Alejandro Gou, he confirmed this story would be taken to the theater. On March 6th, the play will open in Puebla and for three weeks, starting April 3rd in the Centro Cultural Uno in Mexico City. "The proposal of Mi Corazón Es Tuyo has given us very good results and I think the play will do fine because people are avid to see live the cast that has taken part in this telenovela." The cast will be formed by Silvia Navarro, Jorge Salinas, Mayrin Villanueva, and the children and young talent, among others.