Juan Osorio

Televisa: We are confident our experience and the cast of Mi Corazón Es Tuyo will make it a competitive product
14 de octubre de 2014

Ana Obregón, author and lead actress of the Spanish series Ana Y Los 7, will guest star in the Mexican version Mi Corazón Es Tuyo (170x60’). Televisa is producing the story under Juan Osorio, who said the story has already been sold to over 45 countries. “We’re pleased because the product was first launched for the Mexican audience. As of today, Mi Corazón Es Tuyo has been sold in over 45 countries, and leads ratings in Mexico (around 26 points), and other countries such as the U.S. through Univisión. Our strategy focuses on the international market. We have to compete with strong stories, but we’re confident our experience, our work and our cast, will make it a competitive product,” said Osorio. He said Obregón’s cameos will be shot over a week and will air in late November or early December. “Both Anas, the Spanish and the Mexican, will meet on the screen. The creativity of the series by Ana Obregón allowed us to produce our project. I’m happy to bring them together because in the end, I hope our project works in Spain as it has been performing in Mexico,” added Osorio. Lastly, he confirmed Mi Corazón Es Tuyo would end in February.