Salvador Mejía

Televisa: We are developing El Elegido in superdrama format
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|20 de febrero de 2018

El Elegido, a sequel to El Maleficio, is the new production that Salvador Mejía is preparing, in the superdrama stage that Televisa implemented this year. The producer will add two more stories, a comedy and one on journalists.

El Elegido is inspired by the 1983 story of Fernanda Villeli, now in the version by Liliana Abud. It is an original on the struggle of good against evil, with the aim to continue showing new products with different tones. We are designing the story and the production of a two-hour episode. We still don't know if it will have 13 episodes in several seasons or 60, with cinema touches," explained the producer.

Mejía assured that, along with this story, he will have under his responsibility the production of a comedy story and another on cases of real-life journalists: "We will cover the topic of the fourth power in depth. It is centered on a young college student, daughter of a murdered journalist, who infiltrates politics to discover who killed her father".
Finally, the producer highlighted that the arrival of superdramas is an answer to the quest for different stories. "We hadn't done it because we didn't have the elements, nor the facilities to make these products. It is a fact that we make them because Televisa has the experience in production to do so."