Jorge Eduardo Murguía, Televisa’s Programming VP

Televisa: We are trying to innovate and deliver more truthful stories to traditional TV

Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de abril de 2016

With the arrival of El Hotel de los Secretos to open broadcast TV on El Canal de las Estrellas, Jorge Eduardo Murguía, Televisa’s Programming VP, assured that this is the company’s new strategy to adapt to the production of contents that can be spread across all platforms. “It is the obligation of any TV station to renovate. We are attempting to innovate, to have telenovelas with different stories, more truthful ones, with features that will show on the screen. What is important is for the audience to receive and accept them. From there, we will decide our next steps”, explained the executive. Murguía added that presenting for the first time a teleseries in the schedule that is regularly used for telenovelas is not a risk or an experiment, “it is a success, because we have a great story, it is a great adaptation and a great production. He mentioned that the story is conceived to be a hit in all platforms; however, he accepted that some of these productions will be more expensive, but they will always aim to take the best stories to the screen. To conclude, he highlighted that the rating continues to be important for them as programmers, because “people who buy our time, do it in regard to these numbers”.