Patricio Wills, president and Head of Studios at Televisa Estudios

Televisa: We are undergoing a change process between alliances and co-productions
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|28 de junio de 2018

The changes Televisa is going through will continue to reflect on their different screens, assured Patricio Wills, president and Head of Studios at Televisa Estudios, who announced that signals such as Canal Cinco would not only bet on realities like 4 Elementos but would also bet on drama and fiction.

“Television is in a change process worldwide and Televisa, as an indisputable leader, is also undergoing a change, with the aim to evolve with new formats, new partnerships, and new products. An example of this are contents like La Piloto,” he mentioned.

He assured that the contents produced by the TV production company and in co-production with other companies would be key, not only on their own screens but on other platforms like digital ones.

Regarding upcoming changes, he announced that Canal Cinco will continue with the reality 4 Elementos; however, they will add other contents in fiction and drama. Likewise, Las Estrellas will have novelties in melodramas.

“We will continue with our traditional Televisa and with the innovative one presenting new content,” he ended.