Mauricio Carrandi, VP Corporate Image at Televisa

Televisa: We began the process to change the image of Canal de las Estrellas after 18 years
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|02 de junio de 2016

After 18 years with the same image, Televisa decides to undergo a rebranding (logo, colors, designs, etc.) of its iconic and most important signal, Canal de las Estrellas, in the aim to adapt to the current consumption mechanisms of the new generations that are reaching the signal. However, they will not neglect their most important audience, homemakers. The rebranding will be ready for August. “The rebranding is aligned with the important changes that are coming to Canal de las Estrellas in terms of programming, where the image of the channel couldn´t lag behind. It was the time to make a substantial change that will be reflected on the screen at the end of August at a global scale. The first goal is respect and inclusion of its loyal audience, and also to have a dialogue with new generations,” mentioned Mauricio Carrandi, VP Corporate Image at Televisa. The executive highlighted that the changes will include a new graphic package in the soundtrack, in the way to promote the channel and a campaign that will be shown on all the platforms where the signal is present. To end, he assured that they are currently in the process of the brief for the new logo, which is expected to be ready in the next few weeks.