Clara Méndez, Marketing and Sales director at Televisa Digital

Televisa: We have grown more than 300% in streaming
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|24 de agosto de 2017

Televisa is undergoing a restructuring, not only on its linear screen but also its digital strategy, where they conducted a purification of its apps. Las Estrellas is the one with the largest audience and soon they will launch the Telehit app, with the aim to strengthen their presence in this platform.

“Since a bit over a year ago, when we launched our application for Las Estrellas, we have grown 300% in streaming hours. We have more than 2.8 hours of streaming per month, equivalent to 320 years of video. This is with the user formula regarding hours of stay. The time of stay in the app is greater than in the web,” commented Clara Méndez, Marketing and Sales director at Televisa Digital.

She highlighted that maintaining an app is costly, which is why they chose the ones that have greater reach and segmentation: Las Estrellas, Televisa Deportes, Televisa News (under restructuring) and the coming launch of Telehit, the focus of the digital area.

“Thanks to the application of Las Estrellas we have seen how the streaming of Canal 2´s regular TV has grown because we realize that people are loyal to the programming and use their devices to watch the contents they missed,” she added.

Méndez explained that the main digital audience is in sports content, since “there is greater interest in a live game than in a telenovela; however, on VOD, telenovelas are stronger, due to the nature of the contents. The idea is to innovate and see what we can do in terms of content, audience extension, audience engagement with the contents, as well as innovation in storytelling for digital with telenovelas, that are Televisa´s main product,” she ended.