Roberto Gómez Fernández, producer of the project
Televisa: We launched the second season of El Chapulín Colorado animated with Ánima Estudios and Dubbing House
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|05 de agosto de 2016

Televisa began on Monday August 1 the second season of the animated series El Chapulín Colorado at 11am on Canal 5, developed by Ánima Estudios, dubbed by Dubbing House. Roberto Gómez Fernández, producer of the project assured more episodes of this content are coming. He also highlighted that they are preparing an animated film in 3D. "We did very well with the first season of El Chapulín Colorado and are now presenting the second delivery, with a more sophisticated character, without losing the original essence. It will consist of 12 episodes that will be programmed continuously and after, they will be combined with the first airing. First, it will be on open TV and upon ending, it will become part of Blim´s catalogue,” explained the producer. Gómez Fernández announced that in animation, Grupo Chespirito is already preparing a 3D film, "that has nothing to do with my father´s work. It is developed by the production company Metacube in Guadalajara. We have been working on this for two years and still have more than one year to go. It is a story related with the Día de los Muertos -Day of the Dead, traditional Mexican celebration- and will have quality enough to compete against any other film in the world". To conclude, he said that on TV, through the Televisa area in charge of productions with new production lines, they are preparing three new projects: Yago by Carmen Armendáriz, Mujeres de Negro by Carlos Moreno, and La Candidata by Giselle González, that join the production line of El Hotel de los Secretos.