José Alberto “El Güero” Castro, producer of Televisa

Televisa: We made Vino el Amor so it would be at the international forefront in terms of plot and technology
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de agosto de 2016

Vino el Amor (120x60’) José Alberto "El Güero" Castro’s new production for Televisa, Mexican version of the Chilean story La Chúcara, that had its debut on Monday August 8 at 7:30pm on El Canal de las Estrellas. "This story was acquired recently and we thought that by adapting it to Televisa’s format it could do very well. We began to prepare this project three weeks after the end of Pasión y Poder. The most important thing is the shape and structure we have led people to get used to on TV telenovelas that have big locations, important sets, a big production and image display and the biggest challenge: competing with US quality. Other features include starting to work with important equipment -such as F55 cameras with primo lenses-, change the lighting, and many other processes to raise our quality and make products that are competitive in any part of the world,” explained the producer. Castro assured that the locations will be in Mexico and the US and will have a multi-platform strategy, in the aim to adapt to the different options that users have. The adaptation of this story is a free version of Janely E. Lee, scene direction is under the responsibility of Salvador Sánchez and Santiago Barbosa. The cast of Vino el Amor is led by Gabriel Soto and Irina Baeva, together with Cynthia Klitbo and Azela Robinson, Laura Carmine, José Eduardo Derbez, Sofía Castro, Juan Vidal, Kimberly Dos Ramos and Christian de la Campa.