Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, producer of the new season of María De Todos Los Ángeles

Televisa: We need a lot of comedy on Mexican TV to make people laugh
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|26 de noviembre de 2013

Televisa introduced the second season of the sitcom María De Todos Los Ángeles, starring Mara Escalante, who is also the creator of the concept. The series will premiere Sunday, November 27th at 7pm. Pedro Ortiz de Pinedo, who joins this second season as producer, told PRODU that due to the limited amount of comedy available in Mexican TV, this series is a grain of sand, with a storyline that follows the reality of Mexico. “Joining a series with a very particular style and with so many followers has been a great challenge. I reinterpreted the spaces to simplify shooting, and brought in art director “El Pony” to create a neighborhood environment reflective of our Mexico,” said Ortiz de Pinedo. He added that Mexico needs a comedy block similar to what Televisa used to air at night, because “we need comedy to make people laugh. I hope more comedy comes to TV and I continue focused on bringing more of this genre. The company is already considering several of my projects, they just need to approve them. I want to continue producing content like La CQ." The second season of María De Todos Los Ángeles seeks to replicate the success of its first year. This time the series was extended to 20 episodes. Ortiz de Pinedo ended by saying there will be a strong digital presence through the official site and social media, and the DVD distribution of this second season has already been guaranteed.