Gerardo López Gallo, Programming VP, Marketing and Research at Televisa

Televisa: We transformed Galavisión into Nu9ve with new programming from Discovery and NatGeo
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|12 de julio de 2018

Under the slogan Todo Tuyo, Televisa transformed its signal Galavisión into Nu9ve, which will be available starting Monday, July 9, with a new programming strategy that will include contents in alliance with Discovery and NatGeo, as well as Telemundo´s new productions, Mariposa de Barrio and El Chema in primetime.

Regarding original content, Gerardo López Gallo, Programming VP, Marketing and Research at Televisa, stated that they would begin this relaunching with the entertainment show Intrusos, produced by Carmen Armendáriz, hosted by Aurora Valle, Juan José Origel, Martha Figueroa and Maca Carriedo. It will be aired from Monday to Friday at 6pm.

“We want to be a strong and powerful open TV offer, delivering new proposals to the audience: a balance of very attractive programs that people like, such as Telemundo content, others that have been proven and are fun, like 100 Mexicanos Dijeron, and some that we are launching in alliance with NatGeo, that is very solid and we think will work very well,” he commented.

He assured that the signal is open to seeking co-productions. An example is a work they are developing with Discovery for original content, as well as conversations with other groups like FOX, “in the aim to take good, interesting products that people want to see. They are bets we have today and as Televisa we must work on renewing constantly, as we have done so far with another of our channels like U and Canal Cinco”.