Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Estudios

Televisa: With Fábrica de Sueños we do melodrama in a contemporary way
18 de octubre de 2018

Patricio Wills, president of Televisa Estudios, spoke at MIPCOM about Fábrica de Sueños (Dream Factory), a recently launched project that introduces 12 telenovelas icons from Televisa’s history, but with a contemporary television language.

He explained that they are going to create a new product with these stories. These are short formats (25 hours maximum) "that tell the same stories in a different way".

“It's about not giving up melodrama, but instead doing it differently", Wills said.

Televisa is going through a revamping phase and this is the first of the products regarding this. In addition, for 2019 schedule they are offering comedies, different stories, Doña Flor y sus dos Maridos (Doña Flor and her two Husbands), crime, and also a classic melodrama.

With Fábrica de Sueños, stories are told again. What was done in the past in 200 episodes is sorted out in 20 episodes. Three stories should be ready and filmed by May 2019, as, for example, Cuna de Lobos (Cradle of Wolves).

He added that they are thinking of shooting in different countries. "There is a project moving forward to do it in New York."
Here they are betting on that the generations who saw these soaps in the past "will want to see them again because it is a new stance and for the new generations it is a challenge because it is a different product.”

Wills pointed out that it is "how we give a message of contemporaneity to the entire world and to the Mexican market without losing the essence of what we are and that’s what summarizes Fábrica de Sueños."