Angelique Boyer will play the three roles

Televisa's Tres Veces Ana will premiere Monday 23rd at 9pm on Univision

19 de mayo de 2016

Univision Network announced the world premiere of {Tres Veces Ana;}, a story about triplets who are anything but identical. The couple Angelique Boyer, who will have the biggest challenge of her career playing three roles, and Sebastián Rulli return to Univision for this telenovela. It is a story of destiny, hatred and sibling rivalry that follows the lives of the three Ana´s: Ana Lucía, Ana Leticia and Ana Laura, whose parents die in a car accident when the girls are five. Their fate gets even more complicated when only two of the girls are found alive, with Ana Lucia presumed to have died in the crash. When she grows, Ana Lucia falls in love with Santiago (Sebastián Rulli), a taxi driver who lost his memory after an attempt on his life set up by his wife, Ana Leticia. It turns out that Santiago’s real name is Marcelo, and as his memory begins to return, destiny brings the sisters back together. Only time will tell if the fateful reunion will bring them joy or tragedy. Tres Veces Ana will premiere with a two-hour special this Monday 23rd at 9pm ET/PT (8pm CT). Produced by telenovela veteran Angelli Nesma (Rosa Salvaje, Carrusel, María La del Barrio, Abismo de Pasión, Lo Que la Vida me Robó), the cast also includes David Zepeda and Pedro Moreno.