Marcelo Strupini and Rubén Galindo, TelevisaUnivision's executive producers of the second season of El Retador

TelevisaUnivision: El Retador entails a giant technical effort
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|10 de agosto de 2022

Rubén Galindo and Marcelo Strupini, TelevisaUnivision's executive producers of the second season of El Retador, a reality show that debuted simultaneously in Mexico on Televisa and the US on Univisión on Sunday the 14th, highlighted the technical work involved in producing the show.

“The technical effort is huge. The set is made up of hundreds of lights connected to only one console, we also have an audio console and screens that connect to a video console; robotic cameras,” explained Galindo, who thanked the director, Marcos Flavio Cruz, for the camera work; and also Pepe Aldana, Mejía and the staff of Foro 2 of Televisa San Ángel.

Galindo said that the last season of El Retador, "was a success". He added that the effort also meant learning several lessons: the abundant talent in Mexico, the US, and South America; “that the entertainment family puts their heart into each project” and that the production team took note of everything that could be improved. He mentioned that the reality show will last eight weeks (eight Sundays) and the winner will receive 3 million pesos.

"Great innovations are coming in El Retador 2022," said Strupini. Among the innovations for this year are more elements of comedy and reality, in addition, there will be a surprise contestant in each installment.

Strupini and his team will have the task of supervising the development of the reality portion of each of the competitors.

Strupini highlighted that Mexican and US participants will have more presence this season. While Galindo noted that they toured cities such as Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles, Monterrey, Tampico, and Guadalajara, among others for the auditions.

Galindo and Strupini led the press conference with the judges and the celebrity champions of El Retador.

The judging trio includes the Colombian singer Fonseca, Mexican-American singer-songwriter Lupillo Rivera, and Mexican singer-songwriter, Alicia Villarreal. The participating “champions” are the comedian Arath de la Torre, the singer Dulce, and the dancers Adrián di Monte and Pía Sanz.

Consuelo Duval, host of El Retador also at the media meeting, announced the two co-hostesses of the show: Sofía Escobosa in Mexico and Jessi Rodríguez in the US.