Alexandre Cardoso, Marketing director of Terra Latin America and U.S. and Fernando Rodríguez, CEO of Terra U.S.
Terra covers the Pan American Games in Guadalajara
María Eugenia Gómez|21 de octubre de 2011

Terra will broadcast the Pan American Games in Guadalajara, with a team of 220 professionals who will bring live and simultaneous coverage of 13 sports competitions. Fernando Rodríguez, CEO of Terra U.S., and Alexandre Cardoso, Marketing director of Terra Latin America and U.S., spoke to PRODU about the digital efforts surrounding the event. Rodríguez said they have received a positive response from the public and sponsors. He says he is confident they will have a great audience, especially due the users’ more active and social behavior. Terra will offer over 200 hours of coverage, which already started this past Friday 14th with the opening ceremony. “Our coverage of Pan American Games is the result of the evolution of our coverage of the Beijing and Vancouver Olympic Games, and the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. Content participation is most important and has to be present in all screens. We expect 3 million interactions and millions of comments from the users who participate and interact,” said Cardoso. The Beijing games yielded 40-thousand interactions, while the World Cup registered over 3.5 million. Terra is broadcasting the Pan American Games on 13 signals in HD and standard definition, in Portuguese, Spanish and English. It is also available for mobile devices and tables, and all the information can be shared on social media through the integration with Facebook and Twitter. The special site allows users to watch two competitions simultaneously.