Alex Duplan

Texas Liver Institute chooses Fuerza/Elasticity as its creative agency
11 de octubre de 2021

The Texas Liver Institute (TLI) has chosen Fuerza, the multicultural agency of Elasticity, to create its ad campaigns. “We’ll begin with an online campaign of prevention and information. A number of videos using a storytelling format will increasingly connect us with the Hispanic community to make sure they realize that illnesses related to the liver are super dangerous,” said Alex Duplan, VP/creative director of Multicultural at Fuerza/Elasticity.

TLI is a non-profit organization dedicated to the fight against liver disease, associating itself with those who share the same focus in order to offer the latest and best of clinical research and medical care.

“It’s important that we fully involve ourselves in the Hispanic community in a practical way. We Hispanics have very complex, deeply rooted dietary habits that we’ve got to change in order to eat healthier and thus lower the mortality index from liver-related diseases. Today this is No. 7 on the mortality index, which is very high. If Fuerza can help lower that standing, it will make us very happy,” Duplan said.

The creative added that the challenges of this work are immense. “Changing a way of thinking, a routine or an ecosystem is always complicated, but even so, it’s the work one enjoys the most. The confidence that TLI instills in us is important for developing the communications that connect us and provide the relevant feedback that in the end will allow us to obtain the needed results. Great to be on the team!”.