Érik Zuckermann, general director, The Agency
The Agency: We have projects like the one on Pancho Villa that can be interesting here and in China
01 de agosto de 2017

The Agency, company owned by Érik Zuckermann that celebrates its 5th anniversary, seeks to boost the industry with productions, talents, scripts, businesses, going out into the market with a model to try to be like North American agencies. Previously, they tried to boost Mexico´s Cadenatres.

In talent, they already have more than 80 actors, including renowned and emerging talents they are betting on.

Regarding Mexican context, Zuckermann explained it has changed. “The market has become more dynamic, it´s not just productions from two TV production companies, but from five companies for ten different channels, which has caused the market to grow very much and for presentation agency services to be more present, not only on actors’ side, but from the side of people who need them.”

The Agency also represents third party contents, getting more involved in production. In this sense, they have a series written and to be produced by Tony Dalton, renown actor of HBO’s Sr. Ávila, together with Boomdog and Endemol Shine as co-producers. This project is in very advanced negotiations and will probably start being written in the last quarter of 2017, in the aim to be produced next year.”

Zuckermann is also working on a series with the Mexican film producer Mónica Lozano, about Pancho Villa, a “project that was unconceivable years ago, and however, this project is now a reality.”

It will be a fiction that goes beyond the formal element of biopics. It will have action, adventure, romance, depicting a modern anti-heroe, who used to be a thief, a murderer, a womanizer. According to Zuckermann, this project might be not only on Mexican screens. The idea is for it to be internationalized.