María Teresa Pérez Lobatón, Chief Operating Officer, Exile Content Studio

The best strategy to growth is learning
23 de marzo de 2022

The industry is in constant movement and you have to know how go with it, even if you know your goals and objectives well, you have to take the risk of exploring, getting to know and learning from all the areas involved in an audiovisual project: from creative functions, through business issues, new technologies and production and distribution formats, commercial areas and administrative support. This way you will have a much clearer and more tangible picture that will allow you to address your goals with greater scope and vision.

Fortunately, women now have more opportunities than before in the industry. Little by little, the world of Spanish-speaking audiovisual media has been built by leaders who risk venturing areas that, until recently, were not so common for them to do so. There are more and more women producers, investors, writers, etc.; who are media pillars, who are certain of what they have achieved and continue to enrich the industry with a gender perspective. Additionally, I believe that collective empowerment, organizations that promote women in the media and that give space to these voices, have helped pave the way in terms of gender equality behind and in front of the cameras.

Without a doubt, the belief of women achieving personal and collective goals is absolutely possible. The challenge is always latent. Believing that despite facing obstacles, it is possible to grow in the industry and pave the way for yourself and for other women, is always the biggest challenge. The best strategy to growth is learning, knowing from deep inside what you are doing and being convinced that you can always do better. Personally, it has also been key to work for companies/people who believe in the power and conviction that an executive woman brings to the table. I feel very lucky that in Exile Content, that is the case.

Greater support is needed from executives’ women in leadership positions, to encourage more to grow in positions of responsibility. Equality is achieved when those in such positions become aware of the problem and use their position to help mitigate it.

About the author
Tere Pérez Lobatón is Chief Operating Officer at Exile, a media company dedicated to the development of premium audiovisual content for audiences in the US, Latin America and Spain. Before joining Exile, she worked as Director of Digital Operations for Grupo Televisa, where she helped restructure the business unit, increasing the digital participation and revenue levels of the entertainment subsidiaries. Pérez studied Industrial and Systems Engineering at the Tecnológico de Monterrey and Mechanical Engineering at the Technological University of Sydney, Australia. She also has a Master of Business from Stanford University in California. She is an active member of Chief (the Association of Women in Film and Television), of the initiative of women in the audiovisual industry, YaesHora, and of the board of the CREA Foundation, which seeks to empower women in sectors where they are underrepresented through entrepreneurship.