Andrés Nieto, director of ClaroSports Latin America: Advertisers and clubs are the main ones harmed

The cost of sports rights must change
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|22 de octubre de 2020

Using technology, TV companies have managed to recreate the live audience experience in stadiums during sports broadcasts during the pandemic. Walter Larrosa, director of Live Sports at TUDN, explained that they classified the sound on local libraries, using Pro Tools, to obtain a very accurate library for each of the games. "This covid situation forced us to reinvent ourselves and took us out of our comfort zone. We don't have a stadium with people, so we must reinvent ourselves," he expressed.

Larrosa participated on the panel El Rostro Cambiante de la Radiodifusión Deportiva en la Era de la Pandemia on Dataxis´ Sporstv Latin America Series together with Nicolás Barrero, Marketing Director of Asociación Deportivo Cali; Andrés Nieto, director of ClaroSports Latin America; Gabriel Baños, CEO and founder of Flowics; and Francisca Mora, Senior Manager Distribution and Marketing CDF at Warner Media.

Nieto commented that the value of sports rights must change in order to be able to maintain the business. "Advertisers and clubs are the main ones harmed. But we must see an important topic, how much money banks have to be able to withstand this.

All the TV stations have had to find ways to save. Rights are not costing their value. Bundesliga is an example of the lack of exclusiveness," he emphasized.

Baños detailed that from a technological point of view, the trend of remote production mechanisms was accelerated. "Looking ahead, it is a change that came to stay: implementing remote production flow is going to result in savings in costs of equipping, minimization of CapEx and passing it on to OpEx,” he furthered.