Juana Uribe, Channel VP at Caracol Televisión

The debut of Bolívar by Caracol in Colombia will be in September on open TV

Jaime Quintero, Bogota|06 de septiembre de 2019

The superseries Bolívar will be aired in Colombia in September on Caracol. The production is already being watched in the entire region on Netflix, except in this market, where the launch has been reserved to open TV. The presentation to local media was on Tuesday this week.

Juana Uribe, Channel VP at Caracol Televisión, was responsible for writing this 60-episode series. “When Caracol decided to develop the series, they asked me to make a proposal, trying to make it emotional, and that is when we started the story from the last moments of the life of Bolívar's mother". Bolívar is a series that tells the life of the leader before becoming a legend, the story of Simón, behind Bolívar, the man beyond the figure.

Bolívar is available on Netflix since June 2019, managing to reach more than 150 countries and standing out in territories like Brazil and Argentina regarding interactions about the series on social networks, according to Juana Uribe.

“We set several challenges for the production and are happy to see how everything came true," he adds.

Bolívar was shot in Colombia, Spain, and Ecuador in three units in 4K raw format, with Sony F55 cameras and ultra-prime optics. The cast includes 400 actors, between main and supporting, as well as some 8 thousand extras.