Emilio Aliaga from Azteca Digital on #PRODUprimetime: The digital market is now worth a bit more than the TV market

The digital market is already mainstream
10 de noviembre de 2020

Emilio Aliaga, VP of Azteca Digital, stated on #PRODUprimetrime with Richard Izarra that the digital advertising market had already exceeded that of television. "Digital is already mainstream," said the executive.

With over 20 years dedicated to digital development in TV stations, first at Televisa, after that at Univision, and for the past three years at Azteca, Aliaga explained that the pandemic forced people to become digital.

“People had to buy using e-commerce and those who had not been encouraged to use it, are now doing it because there was no other way to buy things. There was no way to go to the supermarket!" he detailed.
He mentioned the need to make alliances to grow. Regarding this, he pointed out the partnership they confirmed with Tubi from the US, a free platform with an advertising business model. They already passed the three million subscribers mark in Mexico with the potential for even more growth. He seemed very pleased with what they had achieved in such a short time with this OTT he called "A free Netflix".

He also recalled two other alliances: one with Futbol Sites, which placed them as #3 in the sports-sites ranking, and the other with Atomix, a videogames company.

He emphasized that the pandemic reinvented them: they made a great deal of content for people at home, such as yoga and cooking lessons, and live programming was extremely successful.

He said that the digital advertising market had already exceeded that of Television. “Digital is already mainstream”.

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