Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes, founder and CEO of FireSports (FiRe Advertainment Group)

The e-sports industry could reach US$220 billion
06 de octubre de 2020

Latin America is currently the region in the world that grows the most in the gaming sector, after the Middle East and Africa, according to a report recently presented by Newzoo. This market today has approximately 260 million gamers and, for example, is larger than the one in the US in terms of the number of players, which has approximately 210 million.

According to Rodrigo Figueroa Reyes, founder and CEO of FireSports (FiRe Advertainment Group), this industry that is already bigger than the movie industry, could reach US$220 billion after the pandemic, because it is one of the few that grew due to the crisis.

The executive explained that the gamer world also offers countless opportunities to advertisers. It emphasizes the huge results it obtains thanks to brands´ unending quest for a path towards digital transformation, an area in which precisely e-sports were born.

“From the start, e-sports generate engagement, visibility, positioning, and novelty in the brand, as well as a high social potential. Today, brands have a closer commitment with users, and people´s relation with games is increasingly larger; in fact, it is estimated that a fourth of the world population can be cataloged as a gamer," he detailed.

We must highlight that e-sports have already been recognized as official sports in several countries and were also invited to the 2021 Olympic Games to be held in Tokyo.

“Young people and brands have a much more natural relation in the gaming environment that the one that has always existed between them. They understand that brands do not come as an invasive factor but as a complement to the experience. In other words, they don´t have any trouble co-existing with brands. According to a study, a fourth of the world population is gamer, and it is a figure that grows exponentially," concludes Figueroa.

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