Influencers Caro Mejía and Anne Marie León; Vaccaro, HITN; Lina Acosta; María Álvarez, Common Sense and, Sierra, HITN

The Edye app enters the US direct-to-consumer
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|29 de septiembre de 2020

In the context of the virtual event Pantallas y Niños, Guillermo Sierra, Head of Television and Digital Services at HITN, announced on Friday, September 25 the launch in the US of Edye´s D2C app (direct-to-consumer), aimed at 2-6-year-old children.

The talk, chaired by Lina Acosta Sandoval, psychotherapist and expert in children's development together with María Álvarez, VP at Common Sense Latino, and the influencers Anne Marie León and Caro Mejía, also included the participation of Maximiliano Vaccaro, VP Digital Services at HITN, who explained that Edye “is a very well-cared for a product that will be available on the platforms that are currently used the most". It can be downloaded on the Google and Apple stores.

The Edye app has a monthly price of US$2.99 in the US.

This launch by Edye joins the 22 countries that already have access to the app on Claro video. Sierra highlighted that this is the first time that a HITN project has gone beyond the borders of the US.

“All the content on Edye has been individually chosen. Edye includes its own environment and combines video with activities for children to be able to interact" expressed Sierra. He recalled that Edye includes an important guide for parents that shows how they can use this content. "At Edye, we have been able to add the participation of the most important children's content," furthered Sierra.