José Iñesta, director of The Pixelatl Animation Festival: What digitality has enabled is evolution

The Festival grew in numbers and diversity
Aliana González, Mexico City|18 de septiembre de 2020

The Pixelatl Animation Festival grew thanks to digitality, stated its director José Iñesta on PRODU webinar. Not only in number, but in Latin American participant diversity.

“What digitality has enabled is evolution. Our festival grew significantly, from having a physical space with a limit for 560 people, we held a closing with 1,340 people on average and a peak of 1,910. We had conferences with 700 to 900 people and the numbers have increased this week that there are more viewers consuming content," said Iñesta.

The activities started on August 31 and continued until September 13, although it was originally programmed for September 1 to 5. This was to give attendees the opportunity to watch the content recorded in more than 70 conferences. There were also alternate activities proposed by the participants (outside the organizers´ scope), such as groups that were formed on the different social networks, including digital parties.

Iñesta explained that the large studios offered more than 200 positions in the aim to recruit talent since animation is one of the industries that has not stopped because of the pandemic. Additionally, there was important female participation. They also launched innovative products such as the Pixelatl Atlas, which gathers profiles and reels from studios and creators, expressed Iñesta.

He explained that people are willing to invest when there is something of value in exchange and that the value is in the contents. "Regardless of the platform, we decide to use, if they are digital or physical spaces. The important thing is what we are offering," he commented.
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