Camila Jiménez, the co-founder of the production company The Immigrant: After this, we are going to have a different world

The Immigrant: Evaluating stories
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|02 de abril de 2020

Camila Jiménez (former-Story House), the co-founder of the production company The Immigrant, assured that it continues to analyze the crisis due to the coronavirus and its effects in the industry and mankind, which will undoubtedly have an important mark in her next steps and stories.

“After this, we are going to have a different world. The way we act, we travel, and also what we want to watch are also going to change" she expressed.

In The Immigrant the remain active, from their houses in different markets: Mexico, Los Angeles, Colombia. “The only thing we can do is focus on what we write and develop, in doing it better. Also in taking care of the people who work with us. But these are moments of great uncertainty. You can´t go out to sell or do pitches. It is also difficult to plan anything".

Jiménez, despite how hard the situation is, they feel lucky because the production of their projects was to begin in several months and they had no need to cancel these processes; however, she feels that there will be a chain effect and all the productions will be affected by the situation: "A bottleneck will be created. We all hope to recover soon".´

The Immigrant owned by Camila Jiménez and Silvana Aguirre produces premium dramas centered on Hispanic content and Latino in the US, Mexico, Colombia, and Spain. They have projects with different platforms, as well as a global agreement with Fremantle and with Bron Ventures, Bron Media Corp´s risk arm.