The Independent Show Will Address Hot Topics like TV National Broadband Plan and TV Everywhere
22 de julio de 2010

The Independent Show, hosted by The National Cable Television Cooperative (NCTC) and The American Cable (ACA) will be held from Sunday, July 25th to Wednesday, July 28th at the Hilton Baltimore Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. The agenda for this event includes panels about the National Broadband Plan and how it affects the independent cable operators and regarding “TV Everywhere” (how does it work?, How is “TV Everywhere” different from hulu, YouTube, and other free online video? What do you need to do to unlock the door to this content?). Another discussion is “Protecting Revenue Anywhere and Everywhere,” in which a panel of financial analysts look at what’s ahead for cable operators and discuss the programmer’s dilemma: the loss of economics to open online content. There will also be a Programmer’s Forum dedicated to the hot topic of TV Everywhere. In this panel there will be discussions on matters such as: which are the best business models for operators and programmers, how to monetize the authentication, and would “TV Everywhere” be a solution for small systems that have been unable to distribute VOD?