Diego Cabra, The Kitchen MX: Two years after the alliance with Lorber and Kaplan, they have grown from being small to a medium-sized company

The Kitchen MX: Great growth
Aliana González, Mexico City|17 de marzo de 2020

Diego Cabra, general manager of the dubbing company The Kitchen Mexico, with headquarters in Cuernavaca, stated that two years after the start of the alliance with Kent Lorber and Deeny Kaplan to be part of The Kitchen, they have grown to from a small to a medium-size company. “The client portfolio and the number of projects, as well as the number of employees, increased”. Just in March, they will dub 400 or 420 episodes (that were usually between 100 and 200), and the perspectives in the remainder of the year are to continue with this average.

Cabra states that they increased not only the volume but the quality with which they work since they do it under the standards and procedures of
The Kitchen. “The other advantage is collaborative work, because we know we have other offices. In Miami and Mexico, we work with neutral Spanish and usually share work when one of the two offices is saturated. There are also special cases in which we receive characters who speak in neutral Spanish in a series that is in another language”.

Cabra commented that something that distinguishes them in the Mexican market is the variety of voices they work with. “We try not to repeat, therefore we have a big list of talent in Cuernavaca and Mexico City. We have, among others, renowned voices such as that of Rubén Moya (official voice of Morgan Freeman), Pepe Toño (official voice of Leonardo Di Caprio) and Magda Leonel, that is an institution and is very respected in the world of dubbing” he commented.