Deeny Kaplan, EVP, and Dina Behar, VP of Business Development, The Kitchen: The animation itself is more complex

The Kitchen: Our dubbing workflow is 70% animated content
27 de julio de 2022

The Kitchen has experienced a demand boost in its dubbing services. “We have seen an increase as a result of the pandemic. Animated content occupies 70% of our workflow,” said Deeny Kaplan, EVP of the company, in the framework of Kidscreen, which is devoted to the children's content market.

The Kitchen is present in 14 countries and in all the demand for children's content and animation has grown. This has prompted the expansion of the Mexico and Miami offices in order to increase their capacity.

The evolution of episodes from 3 to 11 minutes in the formats of these programs, also means that the volume is greater. The platforms are now including more and more content for children.

“The animation itself is more complex because there are more songs and therefore it requires musical talent. Now anime for teenagers and very are more sophisticated regarding animation and content quality" said Ken Lorber, president of The Kitchen. “Currently children's programming packages are adapted for the channels. Many of our clients are working on multiple titles simultaneously."

Dina Behar, VP of Business Development, highlights that there are many opportunities for this content, especially regarding licensing, "Everything has to be dubbed and subtitled, it's not just the show, it's the toy and everything that goes with the IP. Those are all dubbing and translating opportunities.”