Celia Kakitani from Tastemade en Español: Our content was watched by US Hispanic audiences

The main lifestyle channel in Roku´s Spanish-language category
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|23 de octubre de 2020

The opportunity to launch the OTT channel Tastemade en Español in US Hispanic is supported by the fact that the lifestyle area is underserved. “After working for 22 years in advertising agencies, I can tell you that the Hispanic market is underserved in the lifestyle genre. Our studies indicate that 55% of our Tastemade social networks are bilingual or speak Spanish,” explains Celia Kakitani, Head of Sales and Brand Partnership Latin America at Tastemade.

Kakitani explains that Tastemade en Español on Pinterest has 1.3 million subscribers, 14.4% of which are from the US, and the second country after that is Mexico with 12.2%. “Our content was watched by US Hispanic audiences and we were very happy about this,” she added. This is why they first launched the channel in US Hispanic and then they will launch it in Latin America.

According to the executive, one of the relevant points of Tastemade en Español is that it is the main channel in Roku´s lifestyle category.

The channel has two types of content: a group of shows originally produced in countries such as Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina, that have never been seen in the US, and others that are made in the US, which have the greatest performance and will be subtitled into Spanish. "I think it is a great combination" she explained.

She added that in the near future, they could add shows from other independent producers, and for this, they are evaluating content from several countries in Latin America and even the US.