Joanna Lombardi, Movistar: Take advantage of platforms so that content becomes increasingly Latin American

The market is appreciating short content
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|24 de marzo de 2021

Joanna Lombardi, director of Fiction for Latin America at Movistar, spoke about the production of series in the region, indicating that original content has to be relevant to the market, that travels well, carries a social context, stories that offer a new look, and premium short series, with maximum eight episodes per season. "The market is appreciating short content," she said.

One of the things Lombardi most likes is the mix of talent, both artistic and technical, from various Latin American countries. "I feel that thanks to the new platforms, where content can be released throughout the region, it is the time to strengthen those talents, take advantage of the platforms so that the content is increasingly Latin American,” she said.

Myriam Ballestero, director of MB Producciones and president of MIA (Women in the Animation Industry) referred to the animated series with female main characters, which she has mostly produced in her 25-year professional career and which have traveled very well.

She mentioned cases such as Mimi y Su Pandilla (her first series), Lola & Virginia, Sandra Detective de Cuentos, Lucky Fred (with the co-star character Brain being female and who is in charge of the story), Annie y Carola and Cenicienta Enmascarada.

“You must give visibility to women in animation. This year there have two important milestones in MIA: One is MIA Mentoring, where they can prepare projects which can be pitched to networks, and the MIA Report, where we focus on depicturing women in animation: in animated shorts, series and feature films in Spain,” mentioned Ballesteros.