Marco Forte from BTF Media, Maricarmen Solís from Nippur Media, Coty Cagliolo from FremantleMedia Mexico, Leonardo Zimbrón from Traziende and Endemol Shine Boomdog, and Gerardo Brandy from Nippur Media

The new organization of Audiovisual Media Independent Producers (PIMA) was introduced in Mediamorphosis Mexico City
05 de julio de 2019

The new association Audiovisual Media Independent Producers, was introduced (PIMA, according to the initials in Spanish), on the second and last day of Mediamorphosis, in Mexico City.

In the presentation, they assured that the goal of the organization is to represent the guild of producers and give voice to the members, focused on professionalization and stimulating growth in the industry. The organization´s values are trust, creativity and diversity, in the aim to bring together independent production companies throughout Mexico.

Leonardo Zimbrón, Head of Fiction Programming at Endemol Shine Boomdog, is the president of PIMA. Coty Cagliolo, General Director of FremantleMedia Mexico, is the VP. “We thank Mediamorphosis for the space to be able to make the official announcement. We will become a team in the aim to give a voice and representation to all the production companies that are grouping in Mexico, that are serving for not only the Mexican market but in general, for the region" expressed Zimbrón.

Zimbrón assured that they want to have a united front and offer support for everything related with the market and the industry. "We already have ten audiovisual companies in the group. There is a lot more to offer and we must unite."

The companies that are already part of the organization include BTF Media, Nippur Media, Litopos, Endemol Shine Boomdog, Caponeto, Plataforma, FremantleMedia, Traziende, Comarex and Romero & Braas. The summon to more companies to join it is open and they can connect through Instagram and Twitter.