Escribir Ficción en Tiempos de Pandemia was the PRODU webinar

The pandemic forced writers to adapt methodologies
Aliana González, Mexico City|21 de julio de 2020

Escribir Ficción en Tiempos de Pandemia (Writing Fiction in TImes of Pandemic) was the PRODU webinar held on Wednesday, July 15, with the participation of the writers' Rosa Clemente (Venezuelan), Carolina Rivera (Mexican) and Silvina Frejdkes (Argentina). How the pandemic has impacted ways of working—the case of writing rooms— in the context of the story, when incorporating the new protocols and in the expectations, the audience might have, were some of the topics covered.

“Although it is a rather solitary profession, the writing room methodology is a different way of creating. I started a series on Netflix in person and we had to shift to working remotely. Obviously it is not the same. I have had to adapt the working method to the pandemic," said Carolina Rivera.

Silvina Frejdkes, Argentine, points out that in his case, she is working with her partner, Alejandro Quezada, with whom she also lives. This also changed radically. They also share their workspace with their teenage children.

For her part, Rosa Clemente, Venezuelan writer, founder, and partner of Punta Fina, commented that their routine has also changed because in the writing room they are developing the bible, the characters, the route map, the argumentation, and then the step outline (beat sheet) and dialogues are made solitarily. You must compete with the use of the Internet with other family members and the debate is more disorderly. "However, I am grateful for not having to commute," she said.

Watch the entire video of the webinar here