Erica Sánchez, executive producer: Salma Hayek, Michael McDonald, and Roberto Stopello from Netflix are part of the success of Monarca 2

The success of Monarca 2
08 de enero de 2021

Erica Sánchez, the executive producer of Monarca 2, commented that many of the upgrades in this second season stemmed from the evaluation they conducted with Salma Hayek and the Ventanarosa team, Michael McDonald, from Stearns Castle, and Roberto Stopello from Netflix.

Sánchez states that the production values they achieved are due, mainly to the team, that gathered talents such as Mariana Chavira in costume, “who has worked in other series together with Lemon Studios and who has very good taste”. She recalled that Fer Rovzar brought Raúl Álvarez, image consultant, and who in turn incorporated Alexia Uribarri for the fashion show. “We wanted it to be nicer, more upstyle”.

Florent Vitse, production designer; Carlos Sánchez, image designer; Daniel Jacobs, director of photography; and Jorge Ramírez, line producer, were also included. “The change took place because those who worked in the first season were busy with the second one, but with the change, we sought the best profiles,” she explained.

Additionally, the second season of Monarca was partly shot during the pandemic. And even though stopping in the middle of production is a setback, Lemon Studios knew how to face the challenge, building their own protocols when little was known about the topic and shooting with the entire team in quarantine, all lodged in a hotel. They were pioneers in the topic. Sánchez states that when facing challenges such as location changes (ranches in Queretaro instead of Jalisco) and building sets in the hotel, they managed to have an unusual team synergy, achieving the great job they did.