El Tiempo entre Costuras

The US learns Spanish with Atresmedia TV’s series
28 de mayo de 2019

Students, professionals and tourists are already learning Spanish in the US through high-quality contents, produced by Atresmedia TV and Bambú Producciones.

This is {www.EduNovela.com}, an innovative initiative that begins with leverage on the successful series Gran Hotel, a period production set in a spectacular hotel at the start of the twentieth century, which combines drama and mystery. In its debut in Spain, the series managed to congregate nearly four million viewers.

Although the Edunovela Project is aimed mainly at education centers in the US, it is also available for anyone who wishes to improve his Spanish, following the results of several scientific studies that reveal the efficiency of learning in a deeper way through captivating stories, mainly when retaining new information.

The employees of multinational companies, liberal professionals, retired people, tourists, and any other person who speaks Spanish in his everyday life may access free to the three test episodes of Gran Hotel on www.EduNovela.com. El Tiempo entre Costuras, another successful Atresmedia series, produced in collaboration with Boomerang TV, is the next production that will be available on the platform in August 2019.

A combination of drama and mystery, Gran Hotel is shot at the majestic Palacio de la Magdalena (Santander) and the plot revolves around Julio´s sister, who disappears without leaving a trace after working a short period at the Gran Hotel. The suspense stories not only include the girl´s disappearance, but also a possible serial killer who is terrifying the hotel and its surroundings. The production, that in Edunovela.com has support functions to strengthen comprehension and retention of new words, stars Amaia Salamanca (Tiempos de Guerra) and Yon González (El Internado), among others.