Pilar Marrero

The veteran journalist Pilar Marrero is now represented by Uno Productions

06 de mayo de 2016

Uno Productions announced that it represents Pilar Marrero, journalist with a long career path in the coverage of social and political topics in the Hispanic community in the US, based in Los Angeles. Marrero is one of the expert opinions in immigration policies, which she has covered extensively. In fact, she published a book with chronicles on immigration in the last 25 years and its consequences for the country. The edition of the book in Spanish is titled El Despertar del Sueño Americano (Waking up from the American Dream). She has also covered they different presidential campaigns since 1992, becoming a sharp political analyst and has worked for newspaper and TV stations. She has an important presence on social networks, with more than 15.000 followers on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. She combines her career as a journalist with academic activities, as a professor of subjects related with journalism in the UCLA. “Pilar Marrero is maybe one of the four most renowned personalities in media in the US Hispanic world, mainly in communications and politics, but, aside from being an excellent professional, she is a very close and dear friend,” said Luis Medina, president of Uno Productions, when he informed of this addition to their catalogue of representees.