Patrick Rivet, CEO of THEMA: This will be a great year for innovation in the FAST universe

THEMA América launches three FAST channels VIVE KANAL D Drama, VIVALDI and ITV Deportes for US, LatAm and Spain
27 de julio de 2022

THEMA América, announced today its varied and robust offer of channels in the FAST (Free Add-supported Streaming TV) segment for audiences in Spain, the United States and Latin America. 

The newly created offer of channels for the FAST digital market has been edited and distributed by THEMA and are already available on major OTT and CTV platforms.

“THEMA saw an opportunity in the FAST segment and decided to capitalize on it, launching several FAST channels, allowing millions of Spanish-speaking viewers in Spain, the U.S., and Latin America to add much more of the programming they want to see to their entertainment portfolio. Platforms around the world are actively seeking content for their audiences, and the pandemic has kept this momentum going, so this will be a great year for innovation in the FAST universe,” said Patrick Rivet, CEO of THEMA.

The portfolio of FAST channels include: VIVE KANAL D Drama which offers Turkish drama series with a careful selection of hits from Kanal D Drama to the FAST digital market (available on The ROKU Channel Espacio Latino free platform for the Spanish-speaking audience in the United States and also on Samsung TV Plus platforms in Spain and Mexico and on the Canela.TV platform); VIVALDI, curated by Mezzo and distributed by THEMA, offers an extensive, carefully curated collection of the most exclusive programming (now available on The Roku Channel, PLEX, LG, and other CTV platforms) and, ITV DEPORTES, dedicated 24 hours a day to Mexico’s most popular sports, includes exciting analysis and comments from experts in each sport (available since last June on The ROKU Channel and Canela.TV platforms in the U.S.)