Montse García, director of Fiction at Atresmedia TV: The series we are making have an important trip in time

This pandemic must not be reflected on series
Aliana González, Mexico City|30 de junio de 2020

Montse García, director of Fiction at Atresmedia TV, stated during the fourth PRODU webinar, Arranque de Grabaciones con los Nuevos Protocolos, that this pandemic is temporary, therefore it does not make sense to reflect this moment in series, an idea that was backed by other panelists, such as Emilio Pina, from Plano a Plano, who highlighted that the productions could be outdated, because it is a very punctual moment that, additionally no one wants to remember.

“We are in a very specific moment that is taking place these months. The series we are making have an important trip in time,” he explained. “I hope and trust that we will be able to transit towards a world of no face masks and no gloves,” expressed Montse García.

On the other hand, he commented that television networks make they're living off advertising, which has fallen, so it is very difficult to air expensive series. “There are two or three series that were supposed to be out by now but haven’t been able to. However, we will soon set to work and in September will dedicate to getting all the series we have out. We continue with our same work rhythm,” he clarified.

He explained that they have not stopped any series, except Amar Es Para Siempre, that is a daily series, and the programs, many of which have been made from homes. However, due to the fact that they were counting on enough shot material, they didn´t cease to air any episode of Amar Es Para Siempre.