Sandie Hawkins, GM for North America of TikTok Global Business Solutions and Sofía Hernández, Global Head of Business Marketing

TikTok: People spend on our platform daily the equivalent of watching a movie
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|13 de mayo de 2022

Eight reasons that make TikTok an ideal partner for brands were highlighted by Sofía Hernández, the company's Global Head of Business Marketing, during her NewFront presentation.

First of all, TikTok reaches an audience beyond Generation Z; second, “TikTok is entertainment”; third, people spend daily the equivalent of time of a movie on the platform; fourth, the creators who “are the lifeblood of our platform”; fifth anyone on TikTok can disconnect at any time; six, “in TikTok everything is about co-creation”; seven, “brands perform better when they work with creators”; and eight, TikTok communities are the new demographic.

Sandie Hawkins, general manager for North America of TikTok Global Business Solutions, emphasized that the diversity of the platform's communities is endless.

Ray Cao, Global Head of Product Strategy and Operations, announced the launch of TikTok Pulse, a tool that allows advertisers to buy slots that rank in the top 4% of the most viewed videos on the platform in a variety of categories such as TV and movies, Fashion, Beauty and personal care, Automobiles, Music, Spanish, Gaming, Anime and Pets. He explained that since 4% of the top videos on the platform change every day, the message does not lose its prominence. Cao also highlighted that they are testing the first Ad Share Revenue program with creators and celebrities.

In addition to Hernández, Hawkins, and Cao, the presentation was hosted by Shuba and Chris Olsen, as well as other TikTok celebrities such as singer Jessia, Latina health and wellness expert Samantha Ortiz; and Omar Rana, expert in automobiles.