Zubi Repositions, Re-Envisions Brand

12 de marzo de 2019

Zubi, WPP’s iconic multicultural brand, is embracing its past to unlock a bigger future. The company is writing the next chapter in its history by bringing to life a new positioning and re-envisioning its brand.

“From a business standpoint, we’ll be utilizing today’s best digital and data-driven tools to broaden our focus and help blue-chip clients tap into growth segments of any kind, including multicultural, generational, behavioral, lifestyle, and geographic markets; capitalizing on our four-plus decades of ongoing experience doing the same in the Hispanic segment,” said Tim Swies, Zubi’s President and CEO.

In terms of image and brand, the company is formalizing a culture instilled by its founder, AAF Hall-of-Famer, Tere Zubizarreta (1937 – 2007). While her heritage and the culture she created are still very much preserved, the company has identified an opportunity to distill her business philosophy and cement it into an actionable brand vision built upon eight of her core traits: courage, foresight, honesty, intelligence, creativity, advocacy for consumers, conviction and treating each other and clients like family. These values complement each other and add up to a culture that the company is calling Fearless Champions, two words that embody Tere’s uniqueness as a leader and an icon in the advertising industry.

The company is also deploying a new visual identity across all of its assets and communication channels.

“The agency’s new identity is being launched by signaling a new chapter with fresh visual language and communicating the new strategy of harnessing multiple growth segments,” shared Ivan Calle, Zubi’s Vice President and Executive Creative Director.

Zubi is comprised of a passionate team of 75+ professionals lead by Tim Swies, President and CEO – John Arnholt, SVP General Manager – Ivan Calle, VP Executive Creative Director – Pablo Miró, VP Growth Marketing – Isabella Sanchez, VP Media Integration – Henry Gómez, Director of Planning, Reasearch and Analytics.