Andrés Romero from Timeworks Group: The showrunner is the perfect combination between a creator/writer and an executive producer
Timeworks: Creating new formats based on new normal
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|13 de noviembre de 2020

Andrés Romero, co-founder and executive producer of Timeworks Group and showrunner, feels that the arrival of new players to the industry, such as digital platforms, has offered the opportunity for new ways to tell stories, boosting the figure of the showrunner. "Creators have found the right place to present their projects, proving that the audience likes Hispanic stories that have even achieved international success. And there are still good stories left to adapt" he added.

According to Romero, the showrunner is the person who has creative control and the management of a project. “It is the perfect combination between a creator/writer and an executive producer that makes sure everything works in all the aspects of the production” he commented.

He highlighted that the showrunner must have the capability of creating stories with great value, being creative, but have his feet on the ground so the project doesn´t get out of hand and
exceeds the production budget, and in order to reach the goal set by the channel or platform.

Romero mentioned that his current projects include content advising for a new series that is being prepared for Netflix Spain.

“Due to the pandemic, we have started to create new formats based on the new normal, new production concepts so that we can develop them during the times of the virus," he explained.

He added that they did not have to stop any projects due to the pandemic. "We produced at a distance, creating contents for a Univision franchise. We finished the development of the digital show Fenómenos Paranormales for Telemundo on YouTube and their digital platforms”.