Luis Luisillo, director of the pay-TV channel tlnovelas

tlnovelas to increase original production
Maye Albornoz, Mexico City|10 de enero de 2020

Luis Luisillo, director of the channel tlnovelas, the pay-TV signal specialized in Televisa telenovelas, assured that in 2019 they started the channel´s renovation with a change of image and strengthening of its content offer. In 2020 they will continue strengthening their programming, focused on telenovelas, with the bars Vanguardia, Inolvidables, Época, Clásicas, and Grandes Éxitos, as well as new original productions.

“We will launch productions that are seen for the first time on pay-TV and relaunch others that were a hit. This is the case of the first version of Cuna de Lobos and Bajo El Mismo Rostro, starring Christian Bach, which had their debut Monday, January 6. The originals include El Show de las tlnovelas with Álvaro Cueva, Confesiones, El Cielo y el Infierno and Las Cinco Mejores” explained Luisillo.

The executive maintains that the gender of the classical telenovela is “more alive than ever” in Mexico and Latin America, and ratings prove this. According to data from Nielsen IBOPE Mexico, the signal is among the first places: “Last year, we increased our audience in primetime Monday to Friday by 24%. And on Saturdays, thanks to having original productions, we grew by 34% compared to 2018, exceeding channels such as FOX,” he stated.

In total, estimates Luisillo, in 2020 they will have more than 200 hours of original content, compared with the 140 hours they had in 2019. The new projects include a celebrity program and also short, 25-episode fiction. The latter is an adaptation of a Korean story for which they are currently looking for partners with the aim to make a co-production with another company.