Tom Stein, President and CCO at Stein IAS

Tom Stein From Stein IAS: Marketing Is On The Inevitable Path Of The Melding Between Humans And Machines
30 de junio de 2017

Tom Stein, President and CCO at Stein IAS, wrote on the website of the ANA (Association of National Advertisers) an article welcoming post-modern marketing. In the light of the advancement of digital technology and the imminent melding between man and machines, Stein says that marketing is also on that inevitable path. "Technologies from automation to machine learning, virtual reality to artificial intelligence are giving rise to marketing possibilities that seem infinite" he explained.

Stein mentions what is coming in post-modern marketing. In the first place, digital detection of audience members' "information exhaust" the big data analytics to interpret it, and the programmatic systems that automate marketing activities based on it. Also, natural language recognition and artificial intelligence to enable highly personal, and in fact, individualized, conversations between brands and audiences. He adds that together, these technologies dramatically raise the bar on brand and customer experience.

“But none of this can succeed without harking back to marketing's "pre-modern" era — finding and leveraging brands' (and customers') emotional truths” warned Stein.