Héctor Pita of Totalplay, Rodrigo Hernández of Megacable and Mónica Dávila of Canoe in the NEXTV Series Mexico panel The New Personalized Pay TV

Totalplay: The addressable TV combines the best of the two worlds of TV and digital
Maribel Ramos-Weiner|27 de octubre de 2021

According to Hector Pita, Director of Addressable TV Product at Totalplay, having an addressable TV combines the best of the two worlds of TV and digital. 

“We are already in our fourth year doing targeted advertising and we are still learning. We can now make audiences very similar to digital but on TV. We can personalize campaigns and audiences, sequence materials, tell stories with the materials, and reduce waste. We can now send campaigns to the audience that really adds value. We have real-time reporting and sell on a cost-per-thousand basis just like digital. It's the best of both worlds” he emphasized during his participation in Dataxis' NexTV Series Mexico.

Pita was part of the panel The New Personalized Pay TV, together with Rodrigo Hernández, Advertising Manager at Megacable, and Monica Dávila, Senior Manager of Program Management at Canoe Ventures.

Hernández from Megacable highlighted that they have several ways to monetize via the traditional pay-TV spot through 50 third-party channels and 18 of their own channels; via online with social networks and channels of their own property; with their 1,500 wifi antennas that they have in universities, restaurants, and parks; and through the new next-generation OTT platform with 80 channels. He detailed that with the new product they can reach more than 14 million people, who already have installed boxes.

Dávila from Canoe Ventures explained that the company is a pioneer in video monetization and works in Mexico and with other Latin American markets, with the members of Lamac and with the operators, seeking common standards in order to be able to generate income through addressable advertising.

Pita revealed that they have installed 3.4 million set-top boxes that grow on a monthly basis and are 100% addressable. “We have third-party data, such as socioeconomic level, how we are paid, subscriber's age, among others, and based on this, we create different clusters. We do it in a linear manner, without modifying the consumer's experience, who receives advertising where he is used to receiving it".