Arturo Yépez: We took on the challenge, with 2btube, to bring quality content to more platforms, brands, audiences and digital communities

Touché Films expands its business and rebrands as 2bLatam
14 de enero de 2022

In order to align with the new digital trends of entertainment products and under the umbrella of the company 2btube, the world leader in young Spanish-speaking audiences and representing more than 500 talents in the digital world, Touché Films becomes 2bLatam, a network of entertainment focused on Latin America.

The 2b group has offices in Spain, the US, Mexico, Ecuador and seven years of experience in managing talent and brand channels. For its part, Touché Films, with 10 years of experience in the production of humorous content and responsible for its YouTube channel, becomes 2bLatam and expands its scope in terms of services and types of products for companies and audiences seeking entertainment and distinct and identifiable content for brands.

2bLatam will establish around four fundamental areas of services and creation: Creative agency, focused on the development of advertising content; 2bOriginals, creator of premium content and producer of films and series targeting young audiences; Network and talents, a network of creators and talents with more than 50 channels in Latin America and advertising opportunities in inventories, collaborations and sponsors; and Conexió, the number one comedy channel in Spanish in the world with + 50 million followers, +8,000 million views since its launch and distribution on AVOD, cable and open TV platforms in the US and LatAm.

“Three years after the sale of Touché Films to 2btube, and leveraging on the achievements of Conexió around humor that is capable to travel in a region as diverse as Latin America, we took on the challenge, together with 2btube, to bring quality content to more platforms, brands, audiences and digital communities,” said Arturo Yépez, CEO of 2bLatam.