Bruce Boren, CEO of THR3Media Group

TR3Media Group: El Santo is a very important piece for Mexico and Latin America
Aliana González, Mexico City|06 de junio de 2019

Bruce Boren, CEO of THR3Media Group, stated during the screening of Telefilms Saturday, May 18, that they have four realizations in production, two films: Polvo and Mi Mamá Se Fue de Viaje, and two series: the sitcom Ninis and El Santo, El Enmascarado De Plata.

Regarding El Santo, he mentioned that last year was devoted to research and the writing of the bible, and that now they are making the scripts for the first season that will have 20 episodes, which defines it as a very important piece not only for Mexico but also for Latin America. “It tells the story of Rodolfo Guzmán, the man, and how it intertwines with the life of the wrestler El Santo, and of the super heroe,” he highlighted. They expect to begin the production in three months.

As for Ninis, he announced they hope to launch it on a platform in the next four to six months and that they are very proud with the results. “We changed the cast, made it stronger; we have an extraordinary director, Chava Cartas, who is making amazing cinema comedy. We hope to have a lot of seasons, and the cast includes the five most important current young actors who have had incredible chemistry on screen.”

Polvo is the story of a town in which there are no telephones nor TVs, which is going through a difficult moment, when a load of drugs arrives at the town, and someone comes to rescue the town from the criminals. “The direction is amazing, and from my point of view, with the best cast in Mexico,” he said, after highlighting the work that Alebrije and the producer, Mónica Lozano do. Mi Mamá Se Fue De Viaje is also co-produced with Alebrije, a remake of the Argentinean film.