Leonardo Zimbrón, producer and founder of Traziende Films

Traziende Films: Adaptation and financing of Mentada de Padre has been a challenge
Aliana González, Mexico City|23 de agosto de 2019

Leonardo Zimbrón, the producer and founder of Traziende Films, commented that the financing and adaptation of Mentada de Padre, which had its debut on Friday, August 16 in Mexican cinema theaters, was a challenge. Additionally, the period setting and making pure comedy was not easy either.

“It was an original English script that had an important change in the adaptation process, where the three creative groups were united (Traziende Films, Lemon Studios and Alazraki Films), following the good job that Fernando Rovzar and Mark Alazraki did in adapting this script to the post-revolutionary period in the 1940s, to the social-economic and political situation of that moment, which demands more budget in every sense: music, costume, setting. And it was not easy to make a pitch of this story that is complex: it is a radio reality that takes place in the 1940s," he stated, after commenting it was a risky idea that luckily, had the support of Videocine.

He explained that it has been a long time since the type of humor proposed in the film has been made, but after a long time of romantic comedies, this type of comedy that is more direct, will surely be well received. "Mexico has always been a country in which comedy works, we are a country that likes to laugh a great deal, even of the worse moments," he said.

For his part, Mark Alazraki, who adapted the script and was in charge of the co-direction, commented that they addressed two types of audiences: the ones that go to movie theaters and those who used to listen to realities on the radio. Therefore, they always had auditive jokes for the latter, who saw how different they were when seeing them on the screen.