Leonardo Zimbrón, producer and founder of Traziende Films

Traziende Films: In 2017 we will bet on new genres with productions like Dogma to be launched on Blim
16 de marzo de 2017

The cinema and TV producer, founder of Traziende Films, Leonardo Zimbrón, had a presentation in the International Film Festival in Guadalajara, where he spoke about the success of productions made throughout 17 years of experience, highlighting the intention of exploring new genres like terror, suspense and science fiction in his projects, which include his next series, Dogma, to be launched this month on Blim.

“When there is a good idea, you never know how far it can take you. Beyond business, it is the satisfaction of doing what we like. Our quality regarding production is very good and now what we are preparing for film and TV has better stories. We will look for better scripts and are going to dare to make more genres,” he explained.

Alongside the launch of Dogma, the 13-episode series that will be available for the Blim platform this month (March) –which only needs “polishing of visual and music effects”— Zimbrón is also preparing the launch of films like Cómplices with Arath de la Torre; American Curios with Ana Claudia Talancón; and Cómo Cortar a tu Patán, with Mariana Treviño, Camila Sodi and Sebastián Zurita.

He announced that this year new projects for TV are coming, such as a youth comedy to be filmed at a Mexican beach. The project is currently in negotiations for its consolidation. Additionally, they are shooting the third season of Club de Cuervos for Netflix.