Mónica Vargas, founding partner and general director of Production of Traziende Films

Traziende Films: Netflix has taught us a great deal in very little time
08 de agosto de 2019

Mónica Vargas, founding partner and general production director of Traziende Films, said on #VisitaPRODU that her company is about to celebrate its 20th anniversary, that the growth has been greater each year, and that she has had the pleasure of working with the biggest studios in the world, such as FOX, Warner, Televisa and now Netflix.

The executive added that she has learned a great deal about Netflix in the short time she has been working with the platform. “I have learned a lot about Netflix, they do things in a very methodical and different way, completely organized, square and systematic, and that has taught us to become more organized, to do things the way they are done in North America, because many times our industry needs that”.

Regarding contents, Vargas explained that they have varied as time goes by and that they have different content for each platform and window, what is important for them to always be in vigor and to be successful is that we must know the audience they are aimed at well. "Besides, they have to have great quality and I don't mean budgets, but doing things well."

“Now, you can see contents at any time, everything changes, but at the end of the day, the principle is always the same, you have to have a good script. We have to professionalize this part of the industry more, and with the boo,m we are having and the great demand, more and more is written every day, and in doing so, you automatically improve," concluded Vargas.