Leonardo Zimbrón, 

Traziende Films: We are co-producing Mentada de Padre with Lemon Films and Alazraki Films
15 de agosto de 2019

The film Mentada de Padre, co-produced by Alazraki Films, Lemon Films, and Traziende Films, will have its debut in Mexico on August 16 in movie theaters. Located in Mexico in the 1950s, it tells the story of the owner of a radio station who has four children (all very different from the father) whom he challenges when he is agonizing, to compete in order to obtain their inheritance on a radio reality program. The goal is to compete in several challenges and the winner is the one who resembles him the most.

Leonardo Zimbrón, the producer of the film and founder of Traziende Films, stated that they agreed on the co-production due to the complexity of the project. “It is a story of period comedy, which is difficult enough. Doing comedy is difficult, and it is difficult to do period things. Doing a period comedy multiplies the challenges,” he said, after commenting that the financing and adaptation of the story were some of the main difficulties. He expressed that they are happy with the result, which he describes as “the most hilarious comedy he has had to produce”.

For his part, Mark Alazraki, who worked on the adaptation of the script (the original one was a British story) and is in charge of co-directing together with Fernando Rovzar, from Lemon Films, explained that the original script was missing a heart. “It didn´t have substance, it had a very good backbone, in terms of structure and of the idea, of the radio reality show as well as the farcical tone, but they are two different projects the original script and the one we adapted,” he explained, because they eliminated characters and elements to get to the final result.

The stars of the film are Héctor Suárez, Osvaldo Benavides, Mauricio Barrientos “El Diablito”, Antonio Gaona and Mauricio Isaac. It is directed by Fernando Rovzar and Mark Alazraki and also includes the performances of Ximena Romo and Sofía Sisniega.

Watch the trailer of Mentada de Padre