Leonardo Zimbrón, producer of Grupo Traziende

Traziende Films: We finished the production of the thriller series Dogma Libro I for Blim
Vanessa Maldonado, Mexico City|30 de septiembre de 2016

The shooting of the series Dogma Libro I (13x60’), under the responsibility of Leonardo Zimbrón and the division Luna Negra from his production company Grupo Traziende in Mexico, came to an end. The stars of the series are Daniel Martínez and Iliana Fox and it will soon be available on the Blim platform.

“It is an interesting project that took many years to create. It is an original idea by Rafael Elizalde, in a thriller and investigation tone that had not been seen for a long time on TV in Spanish. The way it is told is innovative. The fact that it is a bold series made for a digital platform like Blim, allows us to leave aside censorship. We have the collaboration of Carlos Carrera as main Director, and the product is part of the division Luna Negra, our terror seal,” explained Leonardo Zimbrón, producer of Grupo Traziende.

He highlighted that to achieve this product, it was enough to present the concept, without a pilot and show it to the possible buyers, among which Blim is the most interested. After this, they developed the script and started the production.

He mentioned that it is a good moment for content in Spanish, mainly Mexican content: “The good luck is that today there are more platforms and channels willing to develop projects, there is a great demand and opportunities. This generates a responsibility to do things well so the good luck streak continues. But we must be demanding, have products that cause an impact, that surprise and satisfy the expectations of an increasingly demanding audience.”